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Ab Werk Schwalbach, Deutschland


1 Stk. / Pkg. 


- CE 2233 / FFP2 NR
EN 149:2001+A1:2009
Beschriftung auf ENG
Made in Korea
Ergonomisches Design : auch bei längerem Tragen bequem und dicht.

- Dermatest Excellent


FFP2 ECO M TWL Mask - White


Features of ECO M TWL FFP2 Mask

- Ergonomic design : comfortable and tight even when worn for long periods of time.

- High-efficiency MB filter, 3-PLY : blocking external harmful substances

- Cerfified in : EU (CE, FFP2), Korea (KF94)

- Dermatest - Excellent

- Nose Clip : It is great anti-fog on glasses, anti-leaking, and closing with nose. 

- Hygienic individual packaging




 CE Mark on the mask

CE 2233 / FFP2 NR

EN 149:2001+A1:2009


Individual Package

- 1pc/pouch

- 50pouches/box




- Size folded in half

H : 155 ± 10mm

W : 120 ± 10mm

L : 170 ± 10mm

*Multiply the width x 2 to find the total width of the mask.
*Please note that there may be some margin of error.


How to Use




- Store at room temperature (1-30℃).

- Sealed container No more than 70% humidity.


Instructions for Use

- Do not use in a closed place with an oxygen concentration of less than 18%.

- Do not use the mask with nose and mouth covered with anything.

- Do not use the mask when inner side in contaminated.

- Do not reuse the mask after washing.

- Visibly contaminated with respiratory or nasel secretions, of other bodily fluids should be discarded and not reused.

 - Anyone who has trouble breathing from wearing a mask (such as pregnant woman, respiratory, cardiovascular disease patients, children, the elderly, etc.) discontinue use and consult with doctor.


Made in Korea

Validity : 03.2025 ~