Not too much, Not too few. It is just as it.

GEORGANIC is faithful to the basic as natural origin ingredients for all skin type.
It takes care of your skin and helps maintain healthy skin with hydration, moisturization, Brightening, Wrinkle improvement.



"From Nature"

GEORGANIC researches on the beauty and health from nature and pursues the real beauty with the reliable natural ingredients.

· It is just as natural as it.

· A mild ingredients and reliable effects.

· GEORGANIC offers an honest naturalistic skincare.


No Irritation, Safe Prescription

We use natural ingredients without using synthetic additives.



 '20 Toxic Additives' avoided

We don't use the 20 ingredients that are suspected to be harmful or are controversial.



Low Grade EWG used exclusively

GEORGANIC only uses safe ingredients with EWG grade 1~3 and discloses the ingredient if higher EWG grade ingredients are added.



Basic Line 


Hawaiian Deep Sea Mineral Toner

Galactomyces Intensive Oil Serum


Bifida Mineral Water Cream 


Intensive Care Line 




Propolis Acne Care Serum

Centella Ceramide Moisturizing Balm

Goat Milk Brightening Cream



Cleansing Line


Red Yeast Rice Deep Cleansing Oil

Red Yeast Rice Facial Foaming Cleanser