A. by BOM

" We Think Your Balance "

People and nature are at the heart of A. by BOM Cosmetics.
Our philosophy is to create cosmetic products which understand the nature of skin.
We aim to provide our customers with timeless, high quality products reflecting harmony between people and nature.



With highly concentrated essence from natural ingredients 



 High components ratio of natural ingredients

Remarkably such as 1% of eoseongcho(houttuynia cordata) extract, 5% of black tea extract, 10% of  aloe vera leaf 



Patented ingredients

Natural collagen booster & Maca peptide of eye cream / EWG green grade PHYTO-OLIGO of cleansing foam



Genuine product authorization

M-tag Magnetics on each pouch and package




Ultra Botanic Skin Water

Ultra Botanic Serum Lotion

Ultra Time Return Eye Serum

Ultra Watery Eoseongcho Cleanser