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Quicker / Deeper / Younger - You Complete Me

Vertical lines highlight Orthoheal X-TECH that enables active ingredients to go through multiple layers of the skin.  Lines can also be read as  ‘IN’. Two letters not only bookend ‘Inerskin’ but also encapsulate  the essence of the product.


- Who Needs INERSKIN?

1. People who buy expensive creams but haven’t seen any result.

2. People who do not have 5 mins for their skin-care, but have 3 mins.

3. People who wants to see result faster than anyone else. 


- What Makes INERSKIN Special?

We deliver active ingredients deep into your skin. You will see significant result just in 2 weeks, such as lifting, antiwrinkle, whitening, pore-tightness, improved skin-texture, etc.


- Without absorption,  useless no matter how expensive it is

This device is the world's first 'lifting + skin booster' which contains a skin booster for promoting skin absorption of cosmetic active ingredients and micro-current for lifting. It is a two-in-one technoogy beauty item. Its main feature is '2-step skin boosting' technology, which is based on Orthoheal X-TECH.

Based on Orthoheal X-TECH and Microcurrent technology, the Inerskin is a home use system for lifting and skinregeneration treatment.


- Direction


1. On clean and dry skin, apply serum, cream, or ample cosmetics of your choice to the designated skin area for treatment.

2. Turn on the device by pressing power/boosting button for one second. Boosting button is for electroporation, which will help skin absorption of the cosmetic active ingredients. When you press the boosting button, the number of mode/stage indicator lights will be shown from 1 to 3, which indicates the generating stage. Press the boosting button to select your desired level. The level will increase from 1 to 3 each time you press the button.

· When you press the mode button, mode/stage LED color will change:

· Wrinkle- orange, Moisturizing- blue, Brightening-white

3. Place the probe on the desired skin area. Please check that the device is properly adhered to the skin. Move the probe slowly and gently massage the skin areas for 30 seconds, such as eye rims, chin lines, and cheeks.

· Use the upper tip of the probe for the skin areas that are difficult to reach such as the edge of nose.

· Conduct sensitivity test before using the Inerskin: Apply a dime-size amount of cosmetics on your forearm then slowly move the probe on the area.

· Begin from level 1 to adjust to the sensation of Inerskin. Once you are comfortable with the device, increase the level to 2 or 3.

4. Lifting button indicates microcurrent function. Begin from level 1 to adjust to the sensation of Inerskin. Once you are comfortable with the device, begin your treatment on level 2 or 3.


- Result










Whitening Effect







Pore Tightness/Skin texture

Dermal density