Gel Nail Strip - Star Sign #12

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Shiny summer nails!

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It is an all-in-one package product with all the components for directing gel nail art.

- Without SOAK-OFF
In particular, it complements SOAK-OFF (the process of removing gel nail art), which is a disadvantage of general gel nail art, in the form of a sticker to provide convenience and prevent nail damage.

With a sticker design that reflects the latest trends, it is easy to self-direct new designs.









created by designing a constellation from January to December



Star Sign Designs #1 - #12





Size & Shape







How to Use

1. Before applying nail strips, buff and clean nails to remove any oils.(recommend Use nail remover)

2. Choose the proper size sticker for your nails and carefully remove the sticker from the sheet.

3. Firmly apply the nail strips from the cuticle line to nail edge. and Please push and press the sticker to make sure it stays tight

4. For removing excess length after applying. Hold the nail file at a right angle (90˚) and file excess sticker off using only a downward motion at the edge of the nail until the sticker matches perfectly the shape of your nails.

5. Would be nice to top-coat for long stay.



How to Remove

- Slowly peel it off from the cuticle line.

- For healthy strong nails, we recommend not keeping sticker on for more than a week.





- Avoid eye contact with strips

- Do not eat and use strip on skin

- Do not use on nails that are infected, damaged or weak

- Keep out of reach of children

- There will be damage to nails for more than 10 days use.