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Microll Facial Roller - Black

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'Microroll' is a home care beauty device that solves fundamental skin problems by focusing on absorption

Microroll uses MTS (Microneedle Therapy System) principle to open the skin and fill active ingredients from the root of  the skin to restore your skin balance.

- Is it enough to just apply skincare every day ?
Most cosmetic products are difficult to be absorbed into the dermis due to the barrier function of the stratum corneum.

Although there are many good ingredients, there is only a 3% chance that they will be absorbed into the skin through cosmetics.
Every day, 97% of the products are just on the skin.

No matter how good the ingredients are, the skin will not change.



- Skincare, the important thing is absorption! MTS principle maximizes absorption


#MTS (Microneedle Therapy System)?

A skin cell restoration system that stimulates the dermis using micro-needle microneedle, delivers active ingredients to the dermis by softening the stratum corneum,
and collagen induces its own regeneration.


Absorption Process



- Concise and clear, soak a day

Special synergy care with harmony of cosmetics and beauty devices.

Synergy care goes beyond the limits of the product by adding Microll to the existing product regardless of skin type.


- Anytime, anywhere Self Aesthetic

 Easier and more comfortable care, less time and money, facial massage effect


- Biocompatible Platinum Silicone

Safe medical platinum silicone with low skin damage and no bacterial risk


- Advantages of Silicone Roll

1. A convenient way to disinfection and hygienic available

2.Relieves skin damage by stimulation with excellent elasticity

3. Danger of germ propagation due to the absence of microorganisms

4. Safe to touch the skin as no harmful substances are detected



- Skin Balance Care Solution

Microroll helps to open the skin passages to make effective ingredients absorb into the skin.

It helps clean up dead skin cells and prevent evaporation of oil and moisture from the skin, also activates the skin's functions and balances the skin.


- Skin Enhancement Solution

Microl activates the cells of the dermis to stimulate the epidermis and
stimulates collagen production,and it reduces the scarring and keeps the skin's natural powers

Skin Problem Improvement Solution

Open pores to remove sebum and control oil and moisture to prevent troubles.
That improvement helps skin problems such as increased elasticity and wrinkle reduction.


Born with 53 different parts

Microll is carefully made by hand one by one, not simply taken out by the factory. It goes through 21 processes to be born.


Charcoal Black Roll vs  Pearl White Roll
Charcoal provides nutrients with minerals and anions to maintain skin health, and has an excellent purifying effect due to adsorption of foreign substances.
Pearl contains abundant amino acids and various minerals to maintain skin health, whitening and moisturizing effects.
How to Use

STEP 01 After cleansing, clean your skin.

STEP 02 Apply right amount of ampoule.

STEP 03 Roll up the whole skin smoothly.

STEP 04 Lightly pat the remaining essence on the skin.

How to Clean

When reusing, be sure to disassemble and sterilize the roll.

>Sterilize by heating with microwave for 1 minute.


>Boil 2-3 minutes in boiling water to sterilize.


* The needle roll replacement cycle is recommended for 6 months, but
if the product has a defect such as scratching or pigmentation,  it should be replaced immediately.

How to Joining Roll

When joining or detaching the rolls, align them by aligning the sides.


1. After opening, make sure that the roll and body are aligned vertically, and
then remove the roll cover.

2. After use, separate the needle roll from the body and disinfect it.
3. After sterilization, put the roll cover on the needle roll and store it.
Tips for Use
1. ROLLING after applying basic product : Roll on the basic product and roll to
absorb the active ingredients.
2. ROLLING with mask pack : Close the mask pack and roll it to absorb the active ingredients.
ROLLING frequently : Carry and roll up the gaps for facial massage.

Precautions when using

1. The roll joint has an ultra-small bearing assembled, so if the moisture enters, the needle roll may stop or detach during the rolling process.
2. Be careful not to apply strong impact as this may cause damage to the product.
3. The silicone rolls are made of medical silicone and do not deform with hot water or microwave.

4. Excessive use may cause skin redness, and if you experience any abnormalities such as skin rash, inflammation, or allergies, please discontinue use immediately and consult a doctor / pharmacist.

5. Do not use this product on any part of the wound, eczema, or dermatitis.

6. When using on the skin with excessive force, it will damage the skin such as skin scratches and wounds, so use the roller with light force.

7. Ergonomically designed to separate the needle rolls when rolling with high force.
Product Information
product name : Derma Intensive Care Facial Roller
weight : 100 g
size : 120 (mm) * 20 (mm) * 20 (mm)
color : White / black
material : PV / PC