FFP2 Polyeco White 5Stk.

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Ab Werk Schwalbach, Deutschland


1 Stk. / Pkg. 

Features - CE 2233 / FFP2 NR
EN 149:2001+A1:2009
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Made in Korea
Ergonomisches Design : auch bei längerem Tragen bequem und dicht.


FFP2 Polyeco Mask - White

Features of POLYECO FFP2 Mask

- Ergonomic design : comfortable and tight even when worn for long periods of time.

- Nose Clip : It is great anti-fog on glasses, anti-leaking, and closing with nose. 

- Hygienic individual packaging

- High-efficiency MB filter, 3-PLY : blocking external harmful substances

- Cerfified in : EU (CE, FFP2), USA (FDA, N95), Korea (KF94)




 CE Mark on the mask

CE 2233 / FFP2 NR
EN 149:2001+A1:2009



Individual Package








How to Use



1. Spread the folded side in two steps to both sides.

2. After sticking to the nose, fix the position with bands on both ears.

3. Do not use when contaminated inside the mask.

4. Wear it completely close to your face so that there is no gap.



- Store at room temperature (1-30℃), sealed container.

- No more than 70% humidity 


Instructions for Use


- Do not use the mask with nose and mouth covered with anything.

- Do not use in a closed place with an oxygen concentration of less than 18%

- Do not use the mask when inner side in contaminated.

- Do not reuse the mask after washing.

- Do not touch outer surface of the mask when wearing.

- Stop wearing the mask immediately when it cause breathing difficulty or discomfort.

- Special precaution needed for pregnant woman, child, one with respiratory disease.

- Visibly contaminated with respiratory or nasel secretions, or other bodily fluids should be discarded and not reuse.


Made in Korea

Validity : 02.2024 ~