Glass Nail Shiner Pro

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[Self care, Nude nail]

- 2 in 1 : Shape care & Gloss care both

- Care & Nail art : Natural nail care product

- Gloss Persistency : 2 weeks

- Water/disinfectant cleaning 

- 100% High Quality glass material

- No chemical composition




- Nails become shiny right upon use.

- Shine lasts long with only one use.

- Shiner made entirely of glass may be used for long.

- Shiner is kept conveniently at its portable case.



1. Move the glass part smoothly from side to side along the tips of fingernails.

2. Rub the spot you want to add shine to very smoothly from side to side.



Keep away from children.

Do not bend or twist with strong force.

Clean after use.

Wash with water for cleaning.

Stop using when destroyed.

Do not use for other purpose.

Excessive use may damage the nails.

Handle with care. Due to the glass construction, this item may break if it is dropped.


- Material : Glass, Plastic


- Size : 1.1 x 13.85 cm

- Unit : 1 ea